Friday, December 9, 2011

I Promise He'll Cry!

I walked Collins into the 'Santa room' at Lexington Green and I felt his hold on me tighten! Another little boy was already on Santa's lap, so I used the time to show Collins that although Santa looks a little like a stranger (hehe), he's a very nice man! So, it was our turn and I immediately said, "I promise he'll cry. I'm just warning you. We're going through the separation phase." The kind camera man totally understood and so we started out with Collins all by himself on Santa's chair! Then, they superimposed Santa to stand behind cool!! And, he didn't cry! He wanted to tear the pages out of the book, but the overall experience was GREAT! :)

I was feeling a little more confident, so we tried the lap picture. He did it! Collins stared at Santa for about 10 seconds and then had a good ol' time. So, why is it that Collins screams when I pass him off to the kind leaders at bible study or my close friends? Maybe there is something magical about Santa. ;) Or maybe they just need a big belly, a white beard, and a cute red and white hat.

Hope you enjoyed the Santa pics! :) Is it weird that a part of me kind of wished that he would scream for just one picture?!? Maybe.

Have a good weekend!!! We are headed to the IU/UK game and Trent's Christmas work party!!! With Trent being IU's biggest fan, our house is totally divided on this one. GO UK! hehe

One more thing. :) Happy 10 Months to my sweet, sweet Collins. What an incredible little boy you are growing up to be! I'll post pics when we get back!


  1. Love that they worked with you on this and the one of Santa behind the chair is adorable. So glad he did not cry for Santa.
    Amy F.