Friday, December 16, 2011

10 Month Party and Pics!

 What's my 10 month old little boy doing now?!
  • He has two different kinds of crawling. Speed 1 and Speed 2. If he sees something he wants, he goes into 'turbo speed 2'.
  • He waves with his hands open!
  • He talks all the time! Still can't make any words out, but he is VERY verbal. :)
  • He loves looking at himself in his car mirror. When we are strapping him in his carseat he makes faces at himself and laughs.
  • He eats table food! LOVES cottage cheese and mashed potatoes! Mommy does too! Go figure. :)
  • He walks up and down the couch while holding on. We are getting close to walking!
  • His hair grows like his mommy's. Fast and unruly.
  • He has 6 teeth. Four on the bottom and two big ones up top!
  • He doesn't enjoy being changed....diapers...clothes...he's on the move.
  • He LOVES doors and cabinet doors. He will swing them open and shut continuously until I have to pull him away, because I get bored watching.
  • He might be starting to give kisses!! Open mouthed. :)
  • He still loves to high five and clap.
  • He's starting to put his head on our shoulders! The other night at dinner I cried. Ask Trent. I'm a mess! :)
  • He's starting to thin out, but we still have major rolls going on! He just feels different when you hold him on your hip.
  • He holds onto the back of my arm when I hold him. When we go up and down stairs he holds on tighter. So funny!
  • We are in mostly 18 months clothes due to length. He's been in size 4 diapers for a couple months now.
  • He's a copy cat! He'll mimic sounds and movements.
Trent had a HUGE part in planning this month's party. You are such a great daddy and such a big help!! He just got into it and I loved seeing the enthusiasm as he looked up jeopardy questions for the game part. We themed month 10 around doors and gates. Our home is now taken over by gates and I had told you previously how much he adores playing with doors. Funny theme I know, but Trent got creative! Enjoy the party pics!

We A-DOOR-E Jets pizza!

Such a happy, happy baby!

The birthday crew. Thank you for coming to all of Collins' parties!

Happy 10 Months Collins!!

Time for the game! Trent had 15 creative and funny questions that had to do with gates or doors. :) Like....Which computer company sends their products in a cow designed box? GATE-way! Cute Trent. :)

Here are his 10 month pics!

I could not find his long sleeved white onesie!! But, I love how tight this is on his little belly!

He makes this face all the time! A weird sound comes out too! hehe

Hi lil' baby!

Had to change him into his reindeer shirt!! The little eyes move. :)
He's the most precious part of our daily lives! I can't thank God enough for him. What a HUGE hug God will receive when I see him in Heaven someday! He's given me so much. All the praise and glory to Him!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love it! Love his rolls. Can't wait to see him soon!! His pics are so adorable.

  2. Love it! Love his rolls. Can't wait to see him soon!! His pics are so adorable.

  3. Love how creative you are with your 10 months parties! I also love all his fabulous hair! :)

  4. Love so much about this post; the what's new with Collins list, the picture of MB doing her Vanna impression, how Collins' face looks longer and leaner, how his legs look SO much longer, and all his adorable 10 month photos.

    Looking forward to hearing about his first Christmas.

    Amy F.