Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are You There God? It's Me Maegan...

I always thought that was a cute book title. If you've never read the book, it's titled, Are You There God? It's Me Margaret. It's a book my elementary students would have read and one that I know I must have read growing up. This title describles every ounce of my being right now.

Are you there God? It's ME AGAIN! Are you sick of me? :) I feel like the past week has been so incredibly trying and I'm not entirely and completely sure why! That's the best part. ha I just feel like I can't get ahead and when I take two steps forward, I fall back three. Maybe it's just me being sad because Trenty is traveling again. Or me being way too sensitive on a lot of things. Or the fact that I haven't been filled up at my weekly bible study gas pump. Am I on empty? Maybe I'm just tired. Or, the fact that we've added car shopping into the Christmas mix, because we have a dud of a car. So, I'm sorry God that I've called in every couple minutes, but you truly listen and I know you know my heart! Anyone else feel like this? I'm so excited for Trent to get home tomorrow and for the week to slow down. These earthly 'things' are nothing in comparison to the birth of my Savior. RE-FOCUS Maegan. :)

So, thank you God for being there and for loving me unconditionally. You are ALWAYS there.

Some sweet pics of my baby boy and the past week or so. :)
Must have gotten sleepy pulling that sock off!

Waiting on Daddy at the dentist :)

My lil sweetie pie

He doesn't mind the antlers!


A new favorite. He is obsessed with doors, dish washers, washing machines, and gates!

Thanks BeeBee for my early Christmas gift!!!

Kristin and I made cookie gifts. So fun!!

We were busy!!

Daddy, why did you lock the gate?!

Puppy love xo

Collins' letter from the NORTH POLE!!!

Seriously Mom??? It's from Santa????

Cuddling. :)

Loving the firehouse light show!

Big boy sitting up in the tub!!

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