Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eighteen Months and Beyond!

Tomorrow, little Collins turns 18 months! What a beautiful year and a half it's been. We've grown as a family, prayed about big life decisions :), we've moved, grown up a little, and taken lots and lots of pictures. We've laughed, cried, been totally stressed, totally happy, we've joked about the gray hairs adorning our head, and we've loved watching the things our little guy does. We are SO thankful for Collins and the joy he's brought to our lives!

So, what the do the next 18 months hold? We are totally buckled in for whatever His plans are for us! I truly feel like God's been listening to my heart. I've missed singing and teaching SO much.....and God is SO good! Just recently I got asked to teach the 3/4 Sunday school class at my church! It's something I can do {Trent will watch him during the Sunday school hour and then bring him after for church} and something that will still allow me to teach those kiddos that I love! And, contemporary service is starting back!! I can't wait to sing! Together, we'd love another baby and we'd love to still celebrate our 5 year anniversary at some point. :) We will get away...we will get away...hehe

We're just SO content where life has us right now. We are SO thankful for the friends and family we have. And, most importantly, we're so blessed with the faith and relationship we have with our Jesus!

Don't you know two hands are better?!

Super Collins!!!

What we're always doing...eating!

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