Friday, September 14, 2012

TJ & them to pieces!

TJ's one of those guys that everyone wants to be friends with. He's loyal, funny, intelligent, a good story teller, and he never forgets anything you tell him. Trent and TJ were best buds in college and still are to this day. They talk multiple times a week on the phone (cracks me up), they plan golf trips together, and they travel to each other's hometowns when important things are going on. I'll never forget when TJ drove in for  the Susan G. Komen race honoring my mom and when Trent drove to TJ's American Heart Association event a couple years ago in support of his mom. It's a bond that will last forever and that's why I'm SO incredibly happy that he married Meghan!!! She's already one of my close buds and I look forward to many fun times together! Meghan is the most genuine, bubbliest, sweetest, and most gorgeous girl. She's got a great head on her shoulders and I love to be around her. xoxo

Kyle and Trent (best buds too!!)

Meg and TJ talking over the details :)

Two handsome guys!

TJ and his grandmother (his mom's mom)
The sweetest!

Meghan and her daddy


College buds! These guys mean the world to me!

Kyle, Danielle, me and Trent
Miss you guys already!

Trent's parents also made the trip to Chicago for the festivities. I had a fun time hanging out with them while Trent had groomsman duties. :)
Was Collins spoiled by staying at BeeBee's all by himself?!?!? Yes!! My dad was traveling for work, so it was literally him, BeeBee, and Aunt Sissy all weekend! Thanks for the pictures and thank you for taking care of my sweet boy!

Mom must have been here for a LONG time. Notice no one in the background in the pic. The one above has tons of people. :) ha!