Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Collins' World

It all revolves around him and I love it. :) His naps, feeding schedule, how he's feeling....our focus has totally shifted from us to him and that's how it's supposed to be! Thank you God for this little guy...I can't thank you enough!

18 month pics!

Loving his puppy dog!

Aunt Sissy love
New fave! PB & J!
Daddy is his favorite!!

Always busy
Lovin' Momma's big kit box!

Boy thing?? Loves to be squirted with water guns!
Meg and I downtown dancing with our babes!
And now...some of my other precious babies!
My SWEET Sunday school class xoxo


  1. oh my goodness! He is getting so big!! Love your pics :)

  2. Thanks KAT!!!! Miss you!!!! :) See you soon!!!!!!!!