Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pleasantly Surprised! {15 mo. check up}

Okay, I'll admit. I was VERY nervous going into yesterday's check up. Collins has become extremely active and strong willed. He does what he wants when he wants {is this normal, people?!?!} and he has merged into the temper tantrum phase....maybe a lil early?!?! We are walking away, ignoring, and then loving on him after these little fits, but whew, we are worn out!

90% of the time he is such a great baby. He still sleeps 12 hours at night, takes two naps, and eats us out of the house. He LOVES his daddy and will give me kisses when he 'wants' to. :) He is a healthy boy and for that we are so thankful. Praise the Lord! now....I feel bad for totally underestimating how the appt. would go!!

He did AWESOME!!! He never threw a fit and when the shots were over, we cuddled and within 10 seconds he was back on his feet waddling around.

Here's his stats!

Length: 32 1/2- 85th percentile...up from 31 1/2 at 12 mo. appt.
Weight: 26 lbs and 4 oz.- 75th percentile....up from 24 lbs. at 12 mo. appt.
Head: 48 1/2 -82nd percentile....head stayed the same!

What is Collins doing now???
  • says dada, yea, and outside! not a big talker yet, but he is noisy!
  • sneezes on demand...too cute!
  • growls at the dog
  • walks very fast!!
  • goes to the pantry and brings food to us!
  • stacks blocks...great fine motor skills!
  • loves to climb anything and everything
  • still flirts and has a 'shy' side
  • eats about anything! LOVES table food...favorites are turkey, cheese, strawberries, and yogurt
  • loves walks, swings, water, and stairs
  • still goes down for a nap without a fuss
  • temper tantrums!! either on belly with face down into carpet....or he throws whatever is in his hands
  • kisses and LOVES when mommy gives him butterfly kisses
  • size 5 diapers
  • hides toys and things he finds around the house in cabinets or drawers
  • still loves to open and close doors and cabinets
  • claps, high fives, throws arms in the arm for SO BIG!, rolls his arms in the patty cake song
  • sings with mommy in the car

    loves to screw the lid on and off!

    just love this little baby so much!!!

    BeeBee wanted to come!!!

    standing on the window ledge with BeeBee {love the light in the picture}
Here are some pics from yesterday!! I took Eliza Jane to bible study with us and she was such a GREAT helper! She pushed the stroller and helped tell me where to go. :)

Taking a lil break! :)

Stopped to get gas on the way home and when I got back in the car, BOTH were sleeping!!!!

I love you sweet baby!!! :) I am so proud of you!!


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  1. Glad to hear you had a fit free doctor's visit. He is so adorable; growing and thriving thanks to the love, guidance, and discipline provided by you, Trent, and your families.

    Sweet picture of C & E sleeping in their car seats. Bible study must have worn them out!

    Amy F.