Friday, May 4, 2012

Moving Out and Catching Up!

We hadn't talked about moving. It hadn't even crossed my mind.

We were driving out to my parents one day last week and there it was. A house. A 23 year old house that lit a spark in my hubby's heart. Trent's face lit up when he saw the yard and I couldn't help but love it too because of his excitement. Am I a little nervous about this home? Yes, but I'm trusting in this little tug we felt on our car ride the other day. :) I know it was the was SO out of the blue!!

We also know this house could easily not pass inspection or that another family could fall in love with it too. But, we've got our house on the market as of Tuesday and we're starting the process! We're scared, nervous, emotion, and so excited. We love, love, love our current home and have so many special memories here. Trent asked me yesterday if I would cry when we shut the front door for the last time. It was obviously a sarcastic question, because he knows that I can be an emotional train wreck.

So....we're crazy and I love it. This spontaneity is just SO not us. :)

Our sweet friend Robyn is helping us on this journey :)
We need a pic with Collins too....he was snoozing....

The lockbox made it all so real!
I'll keep you updated on the journey as we try to sell our home! We had three families walk through yesterday and we have an open house on Sunday! :)

Okay, so I'm far behind on the blog. Here are some recent pics and fun times!

Aunt Sissy's 26th Birthday!!

Collins' friend Cole's 2nd Birthday party!!
Trisha~ too stinkin' cute!! great job!!

I knew this would happen...

The birthday boy!

Actually being very patient and watching Cole!

Random pics of our little guy!
My special students! Had them in 3rd grade many years ago! :)

He's figured out the monitor camera....

Slam dunk!

Always claps for himself. :)

Walks everywhere! :)

Bringing a BIG balloon to BeeBee when she was in the hospital. xoxo

Flirting eyes!
Happy Derby and Cinco de Mayo weekend!! :)


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  1. YAY Maegan for hearing and heeding His still small voice and those little nudges He sometimes gives us. Praying for God to be with you on this journey and to guide your path.

    Love the candles on MB's birthday cake! They're so FUN!!

    Speaking of cakes, what an awesome one Cole had for his birthday. Love Collins smile showing off all his teeth. All the wee one party pics are cute. The one of Collins sitting on Trent's lap is priceless.

    And I love the rest of the catch up pictures in the post.

    Hope your mom is healing well!!

    Love, hugs, encouragement, and peace to you, Amy