Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Who has more fun? Mom or Collins?!?

I promised Collins that today would be craft day. :) He got so many fun little things to play with and I just couldn't resist opening every single item. ha!

Today, our main focus was on animals and colors of cars! :) We played with car stickers, transportation stamps, and those cute little farm animals that blow up in water. LOVED those as a kid. We have a turtle too, but it takes 10 days to finish it's growth cycle!

Hobby Lobby- $1.49....hours of fun!

Being as patient as he can be!

It's a duck!

LOVE those little fingers at work

:) Could be an all day PJ day!

1 comment:

  1. I bet you both had fun for different reasons. He had fun playing, crafting, and being creative. You had fun teaching and watching your sweet baby boy light up as he was learning and playing.

    I've missed you!! Would love to see a post about plans for A&A's nursery.

    Love, hugs, and continued prayers Momma Mae!